Metro Exodus Aurora Limited Edition Ps4


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The year is 2036.

A quarter of a century after a nuclear war devastated the Earth, a few thousand survivors have taken refuge under the ruins of Moscow, in the tunnels of the Metro.

They braved pollution, fought mutant beasts and other abominations and suffered the horrors of civil war.

As Artyom, you must now flee the Metro to lead a group of Spartan Rangers in search of a new life in the East. This continent-wide mission will take you on an unforgettable journey through post-apocalyptic Russia.

Metro Exodus is a spectacular narrative FPS developed by 4A Games. It mixes combat, infiltration, exploration and survival horror and offers one of the most immersive universes of video games.

Explore the wilderness of Russia through huge, open levels and discover a captivating story that begins in the spring and takes you into the heart of the nuclear winter.

Inspired by the novels of Dmitry Glukhovsky, Metro Exodus continues the adventures of Artyom in the greatest Metro adventure to date.

  • Embark on an extraordinary journey – board the Aurora, a vastly upgraded steam locomotive, and join a handful of survivors as they search for a new life in the East.
  • Discover Emerging Survival – a gripping story that links traditional Metro gameplay with huge, open new levels
  • A sublime and hostile world – discover the wilderness of post-apocalyptic Russia that comes to life through breathtaking day/night cycles and dynamic weather.
  • Deadly combat and infiltration – customize your makeshift weapons with items found in the field, and engage in breathtaking tactical battles against humans and mutants.
  • Your choices determine the fate of your comrades – some of your companions will not survive: your decisions will have far-reaching consequences throughout this thrilling story with great replayability.
  • Atmosphere and immersion at the top – the flame of a candle flickering in the darkness, a panting that reveals frost on your gas mask, the howl of a mutant carried by the night wind: Métro will plunge you into a terrifying universe like no other.


Metro Exodus Aurora Limited Edition includes :

  • Metro Exodus.
  • Exclusive SteelBook.
  • The World of Metro Artbook.
  • Expansion Pass access.
  • Bespoke Metal Outer case inspired by the Aurora.
  • Free Exclusive PlayStation 4 Dynamic Theme DLC.